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What is Apporange Clock-in?
Apporange Clock-in allows you to keep a record of your employees clock-in/clock-out time.
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Apporange Clock-in replaces any manual or hand written time attendance records.

With Apporange Clock-in you will keep a record of your employees clock-in/clock-out time.

Provides detailed reports for all or each individual employees.

Suitable for small-middle sized companies.
Package contains:
  • 1 Netbook with Apporange Clock-in preinstalled (optional)
  • 1 USB Smartcard reader
  • Printed cards with your company's logo
  • User manual


• Track and Display employees In/Out status.
• Employees clock In/Out using personal card.
Overtime and Holiday
• Track vacation, sick leave and holiday hours.
• Calculate overtime.
Management special options
• Manage vacations requests and approval process
• Option to allow timekeepers to fix/adjust clock In/Out entries.
• Option to deduct 30 or 60 minutes for lunch so employees don’t have to clock out and back in.
Easy Payroll Administration
• View and/or print timecards.
• Summarization of employee hours.
• Summary and detail Report by Employee, Department or Supervisor.


Record Daily Work
It can record your daily working times, categorized by projects that you are working on, generate daily or long-term reports.
Timeline Module (optional)
Accurately estimate project timeline.
Working Hours
Schedule your weekly working Hours.
Public Holidays
Set easily the public Holidays of your area.
Manage Departments
You can create different divisions and assign your employees to their departments.

Managers are able to monitor their department work process, generate reports and assign tasks to each employee of their department.
Manage Employees
Set hourly billing and costing rates for each of your employees. View and print Employee Chargeable Reports/employee timesheet reports. 
Manage Customers
Gather your clients/customers in one global web application. Access their information almost from anywhere (internet connection required).

Three rating levels to generate billing and costing reports for each client/customer according to their chosen rate.
Manage Jobs
You can assign each job an estimated time, and then compare the actual time worked and the estimated time.
To-Do List
Managers may create and monitor a to do list for staff and provide guidance on work.
Generate Reports
Consolidate activities from multiple projects or employees. Compare actual amounts versus budgeted amounts on a month-to-month or a year-to-year basis. Show a project percentage of completion.

 System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP | 32bit or 64bit
  • Intel® or AMD CPU
  • 256MB Ram or above
  • Minimum screen resolution of 800x600 pixels
  • 1 free USB port
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